About us

Company overview

Pinnacle Alliance Training Academy encompasses a wide range of training solutions that play an integral part in training professionals globally.


We ensure that we stand out on the pinnacle of training. The programs delivered to individuals are both empowering and engaging. We develop the resilience for our clients to test the boundaries of their abilities and build the skills necessary to face the future with confidence. Pinnacle Alliance does not just act within the realm of contemporary training, but engages in a complete transformation of an individual.


Our programs specialize in areas such as soft skills development, personal coaching on public speaking and confidence building and many more core factors that build an industry fit professional. With the help of modern training methodologies, we seamlessly deliver programs that are unique and subject oriented in truly making a mark in the lives of our clients beyond their industry needs.


Encourage. Enrich. Empower.


To be a globally acclaimed training academy, delivering world-class training solutions.


We aspire to develop outstanding individuals by providing world class training solutions, along with the necessary skills development, whilst incorporating innovating training techniques which both engage and empower individuals, to become globally mobilized industry professionals.

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